Lunch Confessions…

So I have a confession to make… there is one area of my expenses that I am finding hard to cut back on and that is my weekday lunches. I am honestly failing in this regard, come lunchtime I see (and smell) all of the delicious takeaway foods my colleagues are eating for lunch and I just cannot resist the temptation, next thing I find myself spending between $8 – $13 on unhealthy takeaway.

The lunches I have been eating are unhealthy, calorie loaded and expensive. On Monday I even brought leftovers for lunch but I still found myself eating a chicken schnitzel roll! If I spend $13 a day on takeaway lunches that is $65 per week or $3,120 per year (assuming 48 working weeks). It is such a huge expensive and an area that I really need to improve on.

I am setting myself a challenge and I hope you will join me – for the month of August I will bring my lunch from home each day. A whole month of NO TAKEAWAY LUNCHES! I am calling it Lunchbox August.

My goal is to reduce my food expenses but also to eat healthier in the process.

I will give you an update on my progress each week along with some tips and ideas for how you can enjoy a healthy lunch on a budget.


3 thoughts on “Lunch Confessions…

    1. Sarah J

      It is so easy to get into the habit of spending big on takeaway coffees and lunches at work, especially if your colleagues are doing the same! I set myself the challenge so I make the conscious effort to bring lunch from home and *actually* eat it instead of buying takeaway.

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