A night at the movies

Hello Savers!

I have just returned from an evening at the local drive-in cinema to watch Planet of the Apes (it is a great movie I really enjoyed it!) and it got me thinking about how expensive going to the cinema can be. Tickets can be $20 per adult upwards and don't get me started on the cost of cinema snacks – $10 for a small bucket of popcorn and $8 for a cup of soft drink. A night out at the cinema can very quickly add up, if you are taking your family you may not get any change from $100 – and that's just for two hours of entertainment!

Here are my tips for how to save on your next trip to the cinema:

  1. Visit your local drive-in cinema – they often charge a flat rate per car so the more people you take the cheaper per person it is. In the summer you can bring deck chairs and in winter bring a warm rug to snuggle up in your car. It is easy to bring your own snacks and drinks.
  2. Check out your local cinema club – some cinemas have a movie buffs club where you get rewarded each time you visit the cinema (eg. Every 5th movie is free) and they may have special members only screenings or other deals.
  3. Search for the "cheap" day of your local cinema – my local cinema has "cheap Tuesday" where all screenings are $10, check which day your local cinema has as their discount day or your cinema may have cheaper tickets for certain times of the day.
  4. Search for discounts – whether it is through the Entertainment Book (Australia and NZ), Optus Rewards (Australia), Groupon or other deal websites you can often find 2-for-1 movie ticket deals or discounted tickets.
  5. Take advantage of cheaper tickets for seniors, students and concession card holders – ask your local cinema what discounts are available.
  6. Bring your own drinks and snacks – this is an easy way to save $$ on your next visit to the cinema. It is worth making that trip to the grocery store to get the bag of M&Ms you really want before your movie and while you are there get a small bottle of water. Last time I checked cinemas were charging $5 for a bottle of water that is available at the grocery store for $1.50.

Let me know how you save money on your cinema tickets.


P.S. I also went to Costco today but that is for another post!


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