Stop ignoring your Bank Account

Hello Savers,

Do you ever ignore your bank account?

What do I mean by ignoring your bank account … I mean avoiding checking your account balance because your are scared your account balance is $0 or avoiding checking your credit card spend because you know your have been spending up big $$$ all month.

To help you save money and live within your means you should stop ignoring your Bank Account. 

If you are trying to save money or trying to stop living beyond your means it is really important to understand where your money is going. You cannot understand where your money is going until you start checking your bank account.

At least once a month you should be checking your bank accounts to see what transactions were made, not only does this help you understand where you are spending your money but it will also alert you if there have been any unauthorised transactions or if you are still being charged for that phone plan you cancelled six months ago.

Once you understand where your money is going it can help you to find ways to cut back on your expenses.

Ignoring your bank account won’t change your bank account balance, by paying attention to your bank account it will help you gain control over your finances.








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