Lunchbox August (Week 1)

As I previously wrote about here I have been struggling with work lunches.

This week I set myself the challenge of having no takeaway lunches. The week started off really well, I was taking my lunch from home each day and eating really cheap and healthy food but then towards the end of the week things started to unravel.

On Thursday the weather was freezing cold, I was starting to feel tired and I could hear the takeaway lasagne from the cafe next to my work calling my name. The lasagne was delicious, oozing with cheesy goodness. It was an expensive lunch, but I did enjoy it.

On Friday my downfall was a Vietnamese noodle bowl with pork and vegetables. It was fresh, tasty, healthy and expensive. Although it was an expensive lunch because it was so filling I was able to have a lighter dinner which did save me money. So I essentially ate my main meal at lunchtime.

I had the best of intentions at the start of the week but things did not quite go to plan. There is definitely room for improvement and I will keep you updated of my progress for Week 2 of Lunchbox August. 

I would love to hear your tips for cheap and healthy lunches! 




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